Service Delivery Model

School-linked regional services are provided by a consistent team of professionals (part of the school-linked team) that share responsibility for supporting the development and delivery of universal, targeted, and individualized services.  Regional multi-disciplinary services are directed towards, but not limited to, students with highly individualized and complex needs.

Benefits of the RCSD service delivery model:

  • The model will serve all students in the school regardless of age and diagnosis. All children benefit from the provision of Universal supports and strategies
  • The provision of a continuum of supports and services, means that in most cases we begin with the least intrusive methods (Universal) and move to more involved services (Targeted and Individualized) as determined by the team
  • A collaborative, solution-focused approach results in intervention first, rather than a specialized assessment
  • Ease of access to integrated and coordinated supports for children and youth
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration between teachers, parents and school linked and regional team members
  • Shared responsibility and accountability for student success


Examples of supports and services which might be provided throughout the continuum are provided on the following pages:

The above pages provide an extensive list of supports but merely a sample of what should be considered at each level.  Each school and school division will design these supports specific to their own context and availability of services.

It would be advantageous for a staff to articulate the supports and services which are available to them in their school and community.  A well-articulated pyramid can become a method for sharing best practice as well as create a menu of supports when determining next steps for student intervention.

Alberta Education provides several resources that support the use of these examples.  The following websites are excellent sources of information when developing a continuum of supports and services: