Individualized Supports

  • Focus on highly individualized strategies to meet an child/youth’s specific needs
  • Consent: As per the Standards for Special Education, the school must obtain written, informed consent for a specialized referral or assessment.
    • The school will contact the parents to discuss their observations and the reasons for wanting to refer for additional support services.
    • Once the school has this completed, the school will advise the appropriate team member about the referral.
    • Mental Health may obtain their own written consent, depending on the situation.
  • Documentation:  A formal assessment necessitates a written report that is debriefed with the learning team which includes the family.  A copy of the assessment report goes to the parent/guardian and into the student school record.  An assessment report will outline strategies and recommendations.

Individualized Support Examples:

IPP Support and Specific accommodations, modifications to address individual student needsAdaptive equipment
Assistive technology
Augmentative communication
Environmental adaptations
Fine motor skills
Life skills
Self-care skills
Sensory processing skills
Social skills groups
Social stories
Speech sound development
Understanding language
Visual perceptual skills
Written communication
Specialized AssessmentPsycho – Educational Assessment
require a high level of expertise in test interpretation (Level C)