Complex Case Team

The Complex Case Team, a sub-committee of SWRCSD, is comprised of six members representing the tri-ministry partnership.  When one or more of the tri-ministry partners is working with a child/youth with complex needs and exhausted all typical resources / strategies, the circumstances surrounding the child/youth are brought forward to the Complex Case Team for consultation.

Current membership:

Health ServicesAHS Child and Adolescent Addiction and Mental Health, LethbridgeCrystal Van RaaynManager
Health ServicesAHS Children’s Allied HealthMark MolandnManager
Community and Social ServicesDisability ServicesTony BevansnFSCD Casework Supervisor
Children's ServicesIntervention ServicesKathleen HalldorsonnManager, Placement Resources
EducationPalliser Regional SchoolsShane Cranston, nDirector of Learning
EducationHorizon School DivisionRobbie Charlebois,nDirector of Learning