SW Executive Team


  • The Regional Executive Team (RET) will delegate authority to and support the work of the Regional Leadership Team in the provision of supports and services to meet identified regional needs for SW RCSD.
  • The Regional Executive Team is the co-creator and keeper of the regional vision, and will be responsible for enacting the vision and ensuring its success and sustainability.
  • The Regional Executive Team will approve the Strategic Plan, annual budget and annual report to ensure legislative/policy accountability requirements are met.
  • The Regional Executive Team will provide dispute resolution decision-making support as needed through a dispute resolution process.


Community and Social ServicesSouth RegionLonnie Slezina, Executive Director
Blood TribeChild ProtectionConnie Fox, Manager
Health ServicesAlberta Health ServicesGrant Walker, Senior Operating Officer,nCommunity Programs, South Zone
EducationAccredited Funded Private SchoolsHugo VanderHoek, Principal, Providence Christian School
EducationHoly Spirit Roman Catholic Separate Regional Division No. 4Chris Smeaton, Superintendent
EducationHorizon School Division No. 67Amber Darroch, Associate Superintendent
EducationLethbridge School District No. 51Morag Asquith, Associate Superintendent
EducationLivingstone Range School Division No. 68Dave Driscoll, Superintendent
EducationPalliser Regional Division No. 26Pat Rivard, Associate Superintendent
Piikani NationPeigan Board of EducationLisa Crowshoe, Superintendent
EducationWestwind School Division No. 74Ken Sommerfeldt, Superintendent