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About RCSD

Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (RCSD) was launched in September 2013 to support schools and community partners in working together to identify needs, plan, and deliver supports and services so that children and youth experience success in school and in their communities (2014-15 Operational Guidelines, p. 4).  Our model focuses on helping all partners improve their ability to work collaboratively to recognize and support identified regional needs.

Provincial purpose and vision for Regional Collaborative Service Delivery

The purpose of RCSD is to enable effective collaboration between Children’s Services, Community and Social Services, Education, school authorities, Health, Alberta Health Services, First Nations and community organizations at the local, regional and provincial levels.

There are 17 RCSD regions across the province; regional partners work collaboratively and share available resources to address identified needs, co-ordinate and leverage systems, build system capacity and plan for sustainability in meeting the needs of children, youth and their families.

Funding for RCSD is provided by the Government of Alberta. The funding is pooled and shared by the regional teams to address the identified needs and priorities within their region. In keeping with the collaborative focus, RCSD partners are the stewards of shared resources that support the identified needs of children, youth and their families within a given region.

The vision of RCSD is that children and youth reach their full potential. This vision supports partnering ministry business plans and aligns with the following outcomes:

  • Children and youth are successful.
  • Children and youth are healthy.
  • Children, youth and their families are secure and resilient.

Intended Outcomes as a result of RCSD: 
Partners share in their commitment to the outcomes of RCSD. Outcomes have been developed in three categories:

1. Effective Collaboration
2. Enable Supports
3. System Improvement

These outcome categories align with the RCSD vision and partnering ministry business plans.  The areas of focus are aligned to each of the outcome categories as illustrated below.