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Requesting Health Services

Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Language Therapy services are provided through team members working at AHS Children’s Allied Health located in the Lethbridge Centre Mall location.

AHS Children's Allied Health Team - 2014
AHS Children’s Allied Health Team – 2014


Complex Communication Team:

How to request:

Please make the referral once you have explained your concerns and obtained parental consent.  Referrals are made directly to AHS Audiology & Children’s Allied Health.

The type of assessment completed is based on concerns indicated on the referral form/brochure so please be as specific as possible.  Use the blank section to give examples which illustrate your referral concerns.

The following referral options are available:

1)  With the parent/guardian present:

• Call 403-388-6575 and ask to speak with an Intake Clerk
• Explain the nature of the child’s delay
• Have the parent/guardian confirm demographics and schedule an appointment


2)  Identify your concerns by completing the electronic referral give it to the parent/guardian to call AHS Audiology & Children’s Allied Health Services to schedule an appointment.


3)  Fill out the electronic referral form and forward to Audiology & Children’s Allied Health using one of the options below. One of our Intake Clerks will attempt to contact the parent/guardian to schedule an appointment;

Fax: 403-328-5139
School mailbox designated for AHS staff members.
Audiology & Children’s Allied Health Services
     Suite 120B – Lethbridge Centre
     c/o Chinook Regional Hospital
     960 – 19th Street South
     Lethbridge, AB T1J 1W5