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A look at functional goals, literacy and IPPs

Goal setting and creating student IPPs forms part of the core work for Learning Support Teachers but how do shopping carts fit into the picture?  IDEO, a design company based in the United States, undertook a 5-day challenge to create a better shopping cart.  Their design team consisted of people from diverse backgrounds coming together to determine ways to improve the everyday shopping cart.  One of the points being, we can continue to use the existing model or we can look to create something to improve our experience.  Considering the metaphor, Learning Support Teachers undertook the challenge of building better goals and IPPs during their first Community of Practice meeting of the new school year.

Inclusive Education LibraryLSTs from junior and senior high schools across the SWRCSD region met on September 24, 2015 to discuss:

  • research on supporting literacy development for students with low incidence disabilities
  • strategies for inclusion based on Paula Kluth’s workshop, You’re Going to Love This Kid
  • resources available through Alberta Education’s Inclusive Education Online Library
  • a way of incorporating students strengths into IPPs using the ‘Can Do’ approach

Special thanks to AHS Children’s Allied Health team members, Shobha George-Jansen, Jocelyn Roberts, and Marian Biggins from Southern Alberta Professional Development Consortium for sharing the following resources:

Documents that may be helpful in planning: